Interview Questions

• What is the difference b/w application context & bean factory
• what are the Spring modules used like Spring MVC, Spring Batch, Spring Integration, Spring Security, AOP ?
• How to specify the rollback for specific exception in Spring ?
• adv of jquery?
• Interface & abstract class difference
• IOC adv ?
• How to store unique elements in set?
• Object properties?
• How to do serialization and when?
• Locking done in object or method or class level?
an "instance lock", attached to a single object
a "static lock", attached to a class

• Locking can be done alone in sync keyword alone ?
• What are the data structure used in application ?
• Diff b/w hashmap & hashtable? Hashtable is synchronized, whereas HashMap is not
• Which design pattern Spring supports for bean creation?
• Which design pattern Spring uses for IOC?
• When to use HQL and SQL?
• Hibernate Lifecycle?
• How classloading works in Web server and Application server?
• What are the popular workflow framework in java?
• When to use reflection and new operator?
• Difference between get and load in hibernate ?
• Difference between save and saveand update in hibernate ?
• When to use Thread local?
• Does the stack support sysc operation?
• Does vector operation are sync?
• Why hibernate uses list for fetch for records?
• How to destroy session After browser closed ?
• Difference between javaassist and cglib, JDK proxies?
• Which web interface is faster than JSP?
o velocity
what are the JSP Implicit Objects aavailable ? 9 objects
• Classloading in java?
o In java application dynamically loading is done by java.lang.ClassLoader subclass only.

• When to use Rrestriction and ResultTransformer interface?
• Hibernate interface are many , but core interface are follows ?
o org.hibernate.Session
o org.hibernate.SessionFactory
o org.hibernate.Criteria
o org.hibernate.Query
o org.hibernate.Filter
• Where Observer Pattern is used in spring ?
• How Spring manage bean and Injection is done ?
o Using reflection the bean creation and injection are done.
• Hibernate object states : 3 states
o Transient = not associated with hibernate session,
o Persistent = it has hibernate scope and will sync the state in database
o Detached = After Hibernate Session is closed.

1.Spring bean scope ?
2. how the spring integrateged with hiberate?
3. cyclic dependency of bean is possible in spring ?