Spring Framework

Spring is the most popular application development framework for enterprise Java which supports major ORM like Hibernate,iBatis

Interview Questions

• What is the difference b/w application context & bean factory
• what are the Spring modules used like Spring MVC, Spring Batch, Spring Integration, Spring Security, AOP ?
• How to specify the rollback for specific exception in Spring ?
• adv of jquery?
• Interface & abstract class difference
• IOC adv ?
• How to store unique elements in set?
• Object properties?
• How to do serialization and when?
• Locking done in object or method or class level?
an "instance lock", attached to a single object
a "static lock", attached to a class

Spring context

What are the context type available in Spring

Spring context
Application context
web application context
Context Load Listener
Context Load Servlet

Spring Object Relational Mapping (ORM) package for Hibernate

Good practice for Transaction management.
All request are handled by separate thread so the transaction manager helps to bind Transaction with the current thread called thread-bound. When Using ORM we use Session for handling database resource when we use transaction manager using the Session is known as thread-bound Session.
Handling DB Transaction in Service layer gives better reusable of DAO Layer also Spring Frameworks recommends this approach.
Using declarative transaction management gives flexible for least impact on application code