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  Gnudeveloper helps you stay connected with GNU Software and Open source also. Here you can share your thoughts. Here any one can start discussing about any Open source or GNU Software and post their ideas and even you can gets help for your doubts and get easily touch with the Experts. The days of proprietary Software and Hardware are no more. Open source software (GNU software) rules the world. Since Zero Cost software is available, why should we pay?
The Power of Open source is not limited. Now Software and Hardware needs Freedom too. Even Microsoft support for Open Source Software like PHP in its framework. This only shows that the days of opensource software booms. An era of inter-disciplinary software that runs on multiple platforms is here to stay and grow. This era of neo-convergence will contribute to the development and mainstay of Open source Software or Hardware.
The Basic property of Web Application should be Scallable, higher Reliability, more Flexibility. Hence Web Developerment put the Open Software and Gnu Products puts in heaven as LAMP( Linux, Apache, PHP, Python, MySQL). Here you can post your discussion about Web development or System Development langauages or Tools like GCC, Bison, Lemon.
Open Source spreads from Web Servers , Web language , Database, Operating System....
Knowledge is open to all. No compromise for it. share freely with open minded.
This is time for you to ride as your interest.